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Generic Cialis ST (Tadalafil, Cialis ST® equivalent)

Generic Cialis ST (Tadalafil, Cialis ST® equivalent) 5 Stars

Cialis Soft Tabs represent the more powerful and effective form of the well known medication against impotence. Compared to other drugs, it is immediately absorbed by the body. It can also ensure a full potency, even if the patient drinks alcohol before.

People who buy Cialis Soft Tabs have higher expectations. They are more sexually active, so they hope to become potent a lot faster. Moreover, the heavy meals or the alcohol consumption will not interact with the effectiveness of this drug.


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Drug Medical Information

What are the benefits of Cialis Soft Tabs?

  • Compared to other drugs against erectile dysfunctions, Cialis Soft Tabs can get over the heavy meals or excessive alcohol consumption before the sexual activity.
  • The active substance will become effective almost instantly. You can get the medication with 15 minutes before engaging in a sexual act.
  • Most medications for impotence can ensure a decent erection for a few hours only. Cialis Soft Tabs will stay active inside the body for around 36 hours.

What conditions do Cialis Soft Tabs treat?

Cialis Soft Tabs have been designed for men with erectile problems only. Although this medication is more powerful than other similar drugs, the severity of your impotence is not relevant. The medication is stronger because it acts faster and can get over many negative factors.

There are men out there who may suffer from slight forms of impotence. They can get an erection in the first place, but they cannot maintain it by the end of the sexual act. Other than that, there are patients who find themselves unable to reach that far. Any of these categories can benefit from a more intensive sexual life if they buy Cialis Soft Tabs. Remember that this drug will not work on men who can actually enjoy a sexual act. It will not improve their performance in bed. Other than that, women should stay away from it too.

How should I take Cialis Soft Tabs?

Cialis Soft Tabs are available in 20mg doses. They can be taken with 15 minutes before the sexual act. They do require a sexual stimulation in order to become active. In other words, you will not just end up with a solid erection right away. The prelude is, therefore, a must. Since this is not a round-the-clock medication, there is no such thing as a general schedule. Just remember that the active ingredient will stay inside your body for 36 hours. Therefore, you may use two pills in three days.

Cialis Soft Tabs must be kept under your tongue and will dissolve immediately. This way, the effect is faster. Other than that, it does not reach to your stomach, hence the irrelevance of alcohol or heavy meals.

Are there any Cialis Soft Tabs side effects?

There are a few mild side effects associated with Cialis Soft Tabs. Warmth or redness are some of the initial ones, but they go away within a few minutes only. Some patients have also reported diarrhea or nasal congestion.

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