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Generic Fosamax (Alendronate Sodium, Fosamax® equivalent)

Generic Fosamax (Alendronate Sodium, Fosamax® equivalent) 5 Stars

Generic Fosamax is widely used to prevent or treat osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is one of the most common symptoms in women reaching to menopause. The disease affects the skeletal system and may also target men.

People who buy Generic Fosamax will benefit from the same results as those who rely on the branded versions. The concentrations and ingredients are alike, but the generic version is a lot cheaper compared to the branded drugs.


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Drug Medical Information

What are the benefits of Generic Fosamax?

  • Generic Fosamax will not just treat osteoporosis, but it can also prevent it. Starting the treatment early will help you avoid damaging your skeletal system.
  • Unlike other more powerful drugs, the active ingredient alendronate sodium will not negatively affect other organs, such as the uterus or heart.
  • The medication is available for both men and women.

What conditions does Generic Fosamax treat?

Osteoporosis patients who buy Generic Fosamax may develop the disease from a wide variety of causes. When it comes to women, the disease is mostly caused after the menopause steps in. When the estrogen production is completely ceased, the internal organs are no longer supplied with the nutrients they require. The skeletal system is just one of them. Although there are plenty of symptoms associated with menopause, the osteoporosis is by far the most harmful one in the long run. Four out of five women end up with it.

Generic Fosamax may also be used by men. The disease is also common as a direct consequence of a sporty life. Bodybuilders rely on a series of steroids and other medications to stay strong and improve their performance. Steroids do not have any harmful negative effects in the short run, but they may lead to osteoporosis in the longterm.

How should I take Generic Fosamax?

Take Generic Fosamax just like your doctor advises you. If you did not consult a doctor, it is imperative to check out the informative prospect. The 70mg tablet must be taken once a week, in the same day and at the same time. Take it as soon as you wake up, before eating or drinking anything. If you take other medications, get them at least half an hour after this one. Take the tablet whole, with a glass full of water. The water is important to lead it straight to your stomach. Avoid taking it with mineral water, coffee or soda drinks.

Never lay down after taking Generic Fosamax. Instead, walk around your home, go to work or stand for at least half an hour. You may rest only after you take breakfast, which should be given 30 minutes after the dose too. The same rule applies to drinks.

Are there any Generic Fosamax side effects?

Since this is a medication, it can clearly cause some secondary reactions too. The good news is that most unwanted reactions associated with Generic Fosamax are insignificant and mild. You might encounter diarrhea, abdominal pains, nausea or vomit. In order to prevent them, make sure you take the medication just like advised in the prospect.

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