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Generic Inderal -LA (Propranolol, Inderal -LA® equivalent)

Generic Inderal -LA (Propranolol, Inderal -LA® equivalent) 5 Stars

Inderal LA is a beta blocker that is used to improve circulation through your arteries and veins. If you buy generic Inderal-LA you can use it to treat conditions that are caused by poor circulation, or as a preventative for conditions like heart attacks or migraines. Your doctor will help you decide whether or not you need to continue taking this medication.

In most cases you will need to slowly reduce your Inderal-LA prescription rather than suddenly stopping your doses. This will help you cut down on withdrawal symptoms and other side effects that can prove to be potentially dangerous. Working with your doctor can help you decide how to use Inderal-LA so you can get the most benefits out of this medication without these unnecessary risks.


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What are the Benefits of Generic Inderal-LA

  • Generic Inderal-LA can be used to prevent serious heart complications, like a heart attack.
  • This medication can also be used to help increase circulation to improve your overall cardiovascular health.
  • Those that buy generic Inderal-LA can find it in a variety of dosing sizes so it is easy to customize a dosing plan in order to manage your symptoms effectively.

What Conditions is Generic Inderal-LA Used to Treat?

Inderal-LA is used to treat cardiovascular conditions. This includes irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure or tremors. It can be prescribed before or after a heart attack, as a preventative to help ensure that the patient will survive a cardiac episode. In some cases Inderal-LA will be used alongside other medications to prevent kidney problems, chest pain, migraines or stroke. Some patients use this medication to improve their cardiovascular symptoms so it is easier for them to lose weight and exercise.

What is the Correct Generic Inderal-LA Dosage?

Generic Inderal-LA is taken orally 2-4 times each day. You will need to talk to your doctor about how many doses are appropriate for the condition you have. You should take this medication before meals and just before bed. If you are using a liquid form of Inderal-LA, use a measuring spoon to pour out your dose instead of a regular spoon. Try to take your doses around the same time every day, to make sure that it has the right effect. Also talk to your doctor about how long you should keep taking the same dose, because they might have you reduce your dosing after a few weeks.

Will Taking Generic Inderal-LA cause Unwanted Side Effects?

Taking Inderal-LA can cause fatigue, dizziness and lightheadedness at first. This is caused by your body getting used to the effects of the medication. You may also experience nausea, stomach pain, vision changes, unusual dreams or trouble sleeping. These conditions are usually mild and should get better, as you continue to take the Inderal-LA.

If you are taking Inderal-LA but you are already taking medication like nitroglycerin to manage cardiovascular symptoms, talk to your doctor about how to combine these safely. You might not need to continue using your old prescription once you start using Inderal-LA.

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