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Generic Latisse

Generic Latisse 5 Stars

Latisse is a prescription drug that is used to treat hypotrichosis. This is a medical term that means you do not grow enough eyelashes. People that want their eyelashes to look darker, fuller or longer can use this medication to correct this problem.

Generic Latisse contains the same active ingredients as the original solution. It has been shown to help improve eyelash growth with the same results. The generic Latisse package also includes the same applicators and instructions as the original so it is easy to use.


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What are the Benefits of Generic Latisse?

  • Latisse can be used to help you grow healthier eyelashes. This can improve the look of your eyes.
  • Latisse can help people who have eyelashes that are falling out, to protect their eyes from dust or things in the environment that can be irritating.
  • Unlike similar products on the market, Latisse has been approved by the FDA. Studies have proven that the formula will make more hair grow.
  • Results are generally permanent, but people that use Latisse can apply touch up doses if they want to. This is considered safe by doctors, unlike other products that can cause overexposure.

What Conditions is Generic Latisse Used to Treat?

Generic Latisse is used to treat any condition that makes eyelashes grow poorly. You can also buy generic Latisse for cosmetic reasons. People that want their eyelashes to look longer or fuller can use this drug to improve the look of their eyes.

What is the Correct Latisse Dosage?

(how to take it)

You should apply Latisse every night. Clean your eyelids to make sure there is no makeup, oil or dirt. If you wear contacts, take them out. Take out the applicator and make sure that it is clean. Apply a drop of Latisse on the end of the applicator. Use the applicator to draw a line across the skin by your eyelashes. Repeat on the other side with a new applicator. Throw used applicators away. This will help you avoid contaminants that can irritate your eyes.

Will Taking Generic Latisse cause Unwanted Side Effects?

Before you buy generic Latisse it is important to note that it can turn blue eyes brown. The color change appears to be permanent when this happens. This is not a dangerous side effect, but some people do not want to lose their natural eye color so they shy away from the product.

Latisse can also cause hair to grow on any other skin it touches. Taking your time and putting the product on carefully can help you avoid this problem. Some people also report that Latisse makes their eyes itchy, but this usually fades after a couple minutes.

People who have had eye surgery or are taking medications for eye pressure issues should not use Latisse. Your doctor can tell you about when it is ok to start using this product once your eyes have time to heal.

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