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Generic Nizoral (Ketoconazole, Nizoral® equivalent)

Generic Nizoral (Ketoconazole, Nizoral® equivalent) 5 Stars

You can buy generic Nizoral (Ketoconazole) to take advantage of its antifungal properties. This can be used to treat fungal infections that appear on any part of the body. It can also be used to treat fungal infections that are affecting the inside of the body. Mild or serious fungal infections can be treated with Nizoral. This medication stops the fungus from growing so to ensure the spores will die off and stop causing negative effects.

The amount of Nizoral (Ketoconazole) you take will depend on the kind of treatment you need. Doses for children are based on body weight. It usually only takes a few days to see results from Nizoral, but you can take this medication for a few months, if necessary. Your doctor will tell you more on the duration for which you should keep taking this medication.


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Drug Medical Information

What are the Benefits of Generic Nizoral

  • Nizoral can be taken to treat fungal infections that appear anywhere on or in the body rather than having to treat these infections individually.
  • Taking Nizoral with food usually prevents people from experiencing uncomfortable side effects.
  • Nizoral does not need to be taken for long periods of time to be effective, especially if patients take this medication the way it was prescribed.

What Conditions is Generic Nizoral Used to Treat?

Nizoral can be used to treat fungal infections. This includes infections in the mouth, throat, lungs, bladder, skin, esophagus and others. In case you have a fungal infection in other parts of the body, ask your doctor if Nizoral would be appropriate to treat this condition. In some cases, Nizoral might not be effective against yeast infections. Your doctor can let you know what to do in this case.

What is the Correct Generic Nizoral Dosage?

Generic Nizoral will include dosing recommendations on the label. If you are not sure how many tablets to take, contact your doctor. You should take these tablets with food, to make sure you do not get an upset stomach. You might notice that your symptoms get worse before they get better. This is normal and does not mean you should stop taking Nizoral. If you do not take Nizoral consistently throughout the time you were prescribed this medication, it will not cure the fungal infection.

Will Taking Generic Nizoral cause Unwanted Side Effects?

When you buy generic Nizoral you should talk to your doctor about your experience with past antifungal medications. Those that are very sensitive to this kind of medication might experience nausea or vomiting. In many cases taking this medication with food can help you avoid this problem.

If you are allergic to this medication or having trouble with some of the ingredients it can cause more severe side effects down the line. Contact your doctor if you experience mood changes like depression, vision changes or headache. They will let you know if it is safe for you to keep taking this medication at the full dose. Allergic reactions are quite rare, but if they occur stop taking this medication immediately.

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