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Generic Propecia (Fiinasteride, Propecia® equivalent)

Generic Propecia (Fiinasteride, Propecia® equivalent) 5 Stars

Generic Propecia is one of the few FDA approved medications for baldness in men. It makes no difference what part of the scalp is affected. Other than that, the success rate is impressive, as the first results show up within three months only.

Generic Propecia has the same active substance as the branded form. Therefore, the concentrations, power and effects are identical. The only difference is in the price, since the generic version is cheaper.


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Drug Medical Information

What are the benefits of Generic Propecia?

  • The medication will bring in obvious results within the first three months of use. It is, therefore, a fast and effective medication.
  • People who buy Generic Propecia should know that the medication will not just reduce the hair loss, but will also stimulate the growth of new hair.
  • The active substance works for absolutely any area of the scalp, whether you experience problems around the crown or the top of your head.

What conditions does Generic Propecia treat?

Generic Propecia has been manufactured for men only. The medication is based on fiinasteride, which is scientifically studied and proven to work against baldness. If mostly affects the circulation and other vital processes around the scalp. Baldness occurs when the growth is no longer possible. On the other hand, losing some hair is absolutely normal, but it is supposed to regenerate right away.

People who buy Generic Propecia come from all categories of people. Although baldness is more popular in men, it may also affect women. The causes are widely diversified. However, there are other drugs manufactured for women. Aside from stimulating the hair regeneration, the active ingredient is also responsible for reducing the amounts of hair you lose.

The higher doses are recommended for particular affections of the prostate.

How should I take Generic Propecia?

Generic Propecia is available in two different concentrations and each of them has a specific purpose. The 1mg dose is recommended against baldness. Patients are supposed to take one pill per day. The pill must not be chewed or crushed, but swallowed with a glass of water. Crushing it will release a larger dose over a short period of time and may lead to an overdose. Remember that women are not allowed to get this drug. They have a different array of medications at their disposal. With all these, there are cases when a specialist doctor may prescribe this medication to women.

The administration is identical for the 5mg dose too, but its purpose is different. This higher dose is recommended to keep some prostate affections under control. It might be good to see a specialist doctor before administering Generic Propecia for such affections.

Are there any side Generic Propecia effects?

Generic Propecia has some mild or moderate secondary reactions. They are not supposed to affect the quality of your life. Most commonly, some patients have reported mild back painful sensations, a low sexual appetite or sperm count and hypersensitivity. If such side effects persist and become exquisite, seek help from a specialist doctor.

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