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Generic Valtrex (Generic Valtrex, Valtrex® equivalent)

Generic Valtrex (Generic Valtrex, Valtrex® equivalent) 5 Stars

Generic Valtrex is an antiviral medication prescribed for a series of different infections. Chickenpox is one of the main conditions it can treat in children. As for adults, you may use the medication to get rid of cold sores, zoster herpes or genital herpes.

The potential patients have the tendency to buy Generic Valtrex because it is cheaper than other branded medications. However, there are no other differences. Concentration, active ingredients or positive effects are identical.


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Drug Medical Information

What are the benefits of Generic Valtrex?

  • Generic Valtrex can be successfully used against a series of viral infections, whether you want to prevent them or get rid of them.
  • The active ingredient is one of the few medications that can be used in HIV patients. The drug does not harm such patients, but only affects the problematic viruses.
  • There are only a few side effects and all of them are temporary and insignificant.

What conditions does Generic Valtrex treat?

People buy Generic Valtrex for its antiviral properties. It is indicated for a multitude of affections. The herpes is one of the most popular and common infections. It is contagious and can be transmitted through a simple touch. There are more similar infections, yet the medication is successful against all of them. Other than the healing process, preventing the potential relapses is just as handy. It is said that the herpes virus cannot be entirely cured, but just kept under control though. A few other common conditions that ask for this medication include shingles or cold sores.

Generic Valtrex may also be used in children, but not without an adult's supervision. Chickenpox is the most harmful infection it can treat. The disease tends to affect kids and teenagers. Finally, HIV patients can also benefit from the active ingredient. It is powerful enough to prevent or treat viral infections, but also mild enough to avoid causing other problems in HIV patients.

How should I take Generic Valtrex?

The dosage depends on the affection you are trying to treat. Therefore, you should see a specialist doctor before moving on with this treatment. Otherwise, you must pay attention to the informative prospect. For instance, the herpes can be treated with two tablets a day for five days – one in the morning and one in the evening. Each tablet has 500mg of the active substance. If the herpes persists, you might have to extend the treatment with five more days.

The tablet must be swallowed whole, with a glass of water. Whether you require one or more doses a day, try to have them around the same time everyday. Starting this treatment within 12 hours since the first symptom will ensure a successful result.

Are there any Generic Valtrex side effects?

Generic Valtrex is a medication, so it does have some side effects. Most patients cannot even notice them. They are mild, temporary and will not affect your daily activities. You might encounter headaches or vomiting sensations. Some patients have also reported dizziness and diarrhea.

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