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Generic Zocor (Simvastatin, Zocor® equivalent)

Generic Zocor (Simvastatin, Zocor® equivalent) 5 Stars

Generic Zocor is one of the helpful medications specifically directed against one of the toughest enemies of the human body – cholesterol. The medication can and will keep the cholesterol levels under control, preventing a series of unwanted diseases – such as the cardiac affections.

There are a lot of patients who buy Generic Zocor because it is cheaper than the branded alternative. With all these, the ingredients, concentrations and effects are identical.


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What are the benefits of Generic Zocor?

  • Generic Zocor is a medically proven medication against cholesterol. Sometimes, maintaining it under control is almost impossible, regardless of how healthy your diet is.
  • The active substance can practically save lives and prevent a series of deadly cardiovascular diseases.
  • The positive effects are obtained within a few weeks only.

What conditions does Generic Zocor treat?

People who usually buy Generic Zocor are predisposed to a series of cardiovascular issues. The interesting part is that most of these affections are associated with a high level of cholesterol. There are two types inside the body – good and bad. The bad one is very harmful, so this is exactly where the medication works. In other words, the active ingredient reduces the levels of bad cholesterol, while it alternatively increases the amounts of good cholesterol.

Dealing with the cholesterol is definitely a challenge. With all these, most people fail to understand that it is directly responsible for cardiac affections, strokes, heart attacks and many other similar conditions. Such risks are very high in the patients suffering from diabetes. The same goes for the individuals whose family histories are rich in such affections.

Even when the levels of cholesterol inside your body are normal, keeping them at the same value is just as important, especially if one of your parents or grandparents has cardiac problems. The risks are still very high.

How should I take Generic Zocor?

You should first adopt a healthy diet and stick to it for a couple of weeks before starting this treatment. The optimal dose is 20mg. Take the tablet in the evening, but also on a daily basis. It must not be crushed, but taken whole. If you chew it, you get the entire dose at a faster rate. If your body is too sensitive, you risk experiencing unpleasant side effects. A glass of water can be very helpful if you have problems swallowing the pill. Moreover, try to get it at the same time everyday.

The dose can be increased or decreased, according to your clinical response and results. In order to see the results, you need monthly evaluations, so make sure you do not miss any appointments with your specialist doctor.

Are there any Generic Zocor side effects?

Generic Zocor is well tolerated by the human body. Most side effects are transitory and mild. Some patients have reported nausea, vomit, diarrhea or constipation. Such symptoms tend to move on after a few days. They are absolutely normal until the body adapts to the new treatment.

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