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Generic Zyban (Bupropion, Zyban® equivalent)

Generic Zyban (Bupropion, Zyban® equivalent) 5 Stars

Zyban is a medication usually prescribed to help people quit smoking. This medication has been found to help reduce cravings for cigarettes and minimize withdrawal effects that make quitting smoking hard. Your doctor can help you decide what level of Zyban would be effective in managing these symptoms. You might need to slowly lower your dose of Zyban, to make sure the withdrawal symptoms do not return.

People also buy generic Zyban to treat depression. This medication can increase norepinephrine or dopamine in the brain which help to create happy, stable feelings. In this case, a psychologist or your regular doctor will determine if this medication will improve your symptoms. You will need to work together to find a dose that will work for you.


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What are the Benefits of Generic Zyban

  • Zyban is very effective in helping people avoid withdrawal so they can quit smoking.
  • People who experience highs and lows that cannot be stabilized naturally can use Zyban to find some relief.
  • Zyban does not have many side effects and can usually be taken long-term without increasing this risk.

What Conditions is Generic Zyban Used to Treat?

Zyban is mostly used to help people quit smoking by eliminating cravings for cigarettes. It can also cut down on the shakiness, headaches and other withdrawal symptoms people complain about when they are trying to quit. People are also prescribed Zyban to treat depression, the depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder or seasonal affective disorder. In some cases Zyban may be helpful in treating symptoms of ADHD.

What is the Correct Generic Zyban Dosage?

When you buy generic Zyban you will be given pills with a specified dose. Read the bottle to see what size dose your pills include so you can determine how many bottles you might need. Take your dose twice a day, once in the morning and then 8 hours later. People who get an upset stomach from the medication can take it with food. You should not crush, chew or split your pills, unless your pharmacist tells you to. Most people take Zyban for 4 weeks before starting to decrease their dose. Your doctor will decide if this is necessary and what new dose would be the most helpful for you.

Will Taking Generic Zyban cause Unwanted Side Effects?

When you start taking Zyban you might notice dizziness, sore throat, dry mouth, ringing in the ears, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, constipation, weight loss, tremors or increased sweating. These should go away on their own but talk to your doctor if you think these side effects are getting worse.

Talk to your doctor right away if you notice mood changes-- like confusion or anxiety, fast heartbeat or weight gain or weight loss that is unusual. These side-effects are not common, but they are a sign that your body is not reacting well to the ingredients in the medication.

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