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Levitra 5 Stars

Released on the market about a decade ago, Levitra (Brand) is among the top medications used for impotence, regardless of its severity. It can treat both mild and aggressive forms of erectile dysfunctions.

Only men with actual problems should buy Levitra (Brand), since it contraindicated in healthy individuals or women. The branded form is a little more expensive than the generic one, but most people do not really care for the costs when they need a high quality product.
Also available: Generic Levitra


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Drug Medical Information

What are the benefits of Levitra (Brand)?

  • Levitra (Brand) is successful in 9 out of 10 men. Its positive effects over the erectile function can be successfully noticed from the first dose.
  • The active substance will stay in the organism for 4 to 20 hours. Therefore, the positive effects can be ensured for longer periods of time, especially when compared to other similar drugs.
  • The positive effects step in after about an hour, so the result is immediate.

What conditions does Levitra (Brand) treat?

Levitra (Brand) is scientifically proven to work in men with erectile dysfunctions. It will not improve your status in bed if you can already attain an erection and maintain it for the duration of the sexual intercourse. The form of impotence is not really relevant in the process. You might have a temporary erection or no erection at all. A proper dose taken one hour before the sexual act is more than enough to stimulate the blood flow in the penile area. Since this is the main factor that can lead to impotence, you can count on a solid erection in no time.

Most people who buy Levitra (Brand) suffer from severe forms of impotence. In other words, they cannot even attain an erection in the first place. It makes no difference how intense the sexual stimulation is.

How should I take Levitra (Brand)?

Take Levitra (Brand) according to the instructions in the medical prospect. It is available in one dose only – 20mg. You may take one pill a day, but only if you know that you are about to get involved in a sexual act. Otherwise, it is useless to get it. The sexual stimulation is just as important. Without it, you should never hope that you will get a random erection out of nowhere.

The positive effects of Levitra (Brand) last for up to 20 hours. Take the pill whole. If you encounter difficulties while trying to swallow it, get it with a glass of water. Make sure you give it about an hour to actually come up with a good result. Skip the alcohol consumption before the sexual activity, as well as the heavy meals.

Are there any Levitra (Brand) side effects?

Some Levitra (Brand) patients have encountered diarrhea or constipation, but such side effects are rare. More commonly, you might experience redness or warmth. Since these are the direct effects of an improved blood flow, there is nothing to worry about. Other than that, the side effects tend to occur in elder or very sensitive patients. Fortunately, they are temporary and insignificant.

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