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Generic Vaniqa

Vaniqa 5 Stars

Those who buy generic Vaniqa are looking for a product that will have cosmetic effects. Vaniqa is not designed to treat a particular medical condition. Instead it is used to remove unwanted facial hair on women. This medication is not designed to help remove this hair, but de-accelerate the growth of the hair so it will stop appearing altogether.

Vaniqa affects the hair follicle by breaking down the proteins, known as polyamines. Polyamines respond to an enzyme, known as ornithine decarboxylase, which allows them to grow a lot of cells very quickly. These cells will bind together and create a strand of hair. Vaniqa blocks the ornithine decarboxylase enzymes, which will make these hair follicles stop growing altogether.


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What are the Benefits of Generic Vaniqa

  • Vaniqa is considered to be more effective in stemming female facial hair growth than most other products designed for this purpose.
  • Unlike similar product, Vaniqa causes minimal darkening of the skin. This is linked to hair re-growth and will stop when the patient sees full results of the product.
  • Many who buy generic Vaniqa report that it works gradually without causing a great deal of irritation to the skin, which can occur with other products.

What Conditions is Generic Vaniqa Used to Treat?

Vaniqa is not used to treat a medical condition. Women apply vaniqa to areas of their face where there is unwanted facial hair, to help remove these follicles. This is designed to help these women feel better and less self-conscious about their appearance.

What is the Correct Generic Vaniqa Dosage?

Generic Vaniqa comes in a 30g tube. Apply the cream to the area where there is unwanted facial hair twice a day, eight hours apart. After you have placed Vaniqa on your face, keep your hands off of it, to avoid spreading the medication to other areas of your body. When the product has dried a few minutes later, you may apply sunscreen or cosmetics like you normally would. However, you should not wash your face for at least 4 hours after applying this medication. Most people use Vaniqa for 4-8 weeks but you can keep using the product for up to 6 months, if necessary. This product slowly causes facial hair to stop growing, so do not be alarmed if you do not see the results you anticipated after a few days.

You should not place Vaniqa on skin near your eyes, mouth or nose. You also should avoid placing Vaniqa on skin that is already damaged, cut or irritated, because it could make this discomfort worse.

Will Taking Generic Vaniqa cause Unwanted Side Effects?

Side effects of Vaniqa are very mild. You may notice swollen patches near the affected hair, acne, itchy skin, burning, dry, tingling skin, ingrown hairs or rash. These side effects usually become less common, as you keep using the product. In rarer cases people have reported contact dermatitis, numbness, swollen lips, bleeding skin, nausea or herpes complex developing when using Vaniqa.

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