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Generic4All Testimonials and Reviews

Generic4all Customer Feedback

Samantha, Canada – Testimonial from current customer
I'm generally anxious about ordering stuff online, especially when it come to medications. If you end up with a fake product, you may even risk your life. Anyway, I researched this company and checked some reviews before finally spending money. I got a medication for my sleep problems. I thought I would first buy less, only to determine whether or not these guys are for real. The package had serial numbers I could check online for authenticity. I double checked with my doctor too. All in all, I was encouraged to take this product since it was genuine. Ever since then, I kept ordering from Generic4All. It's a good choice!

Jurgen, Austria – I just got my stuff, thanks!
I bought drugs online before, so I knew a little verification can reveal some trustworthy pharmacies. However, I ordered most of them from nearby institutions, only to avoid taking risks. This way, I always had someone nearby to complain to. Anyway, Generic4All drew my attention with the low prices. They're practically unbeatable. However, this company is established somewhere in Europe, so that was far away. I live in Austria. My package got here after a little more than a week - I guess it is quite normal to take a few days when shipping abroad. Anyway, the quality was decent. It was practically the same thing I had from the local drugstore. I don't know what tricks these guys pull, but the price is definitely attractive. I will order again, that's for sure!

Luis F, Spain – Good and reliable
I was first impressed by the customer department. I usually get in touch with this department before spending my money. I check out if they answer fast, how friendly they are and so on. I gained some confidence, but my first order was still pretty cheap. I didn't want to risk high amounts of money. I bought Phentermine for a weight loss process recommended by my doctor. It's been 4 months since I keep ordering from Generic4All two times a month. This is definitely a service worth being recommended, so buy with confidence...

Marcy Fox, Israel – Definitely worth it!!!
I never trusted online shopping because you never know who you buy from. If someone told me one day that I'd buy drugs online, I would never believe it. I run into this website by mistake. I was just trying to get an idea about how much Acomplia costs before going to a local drugstore. Most prices were similar in range, but Generic4All used to beat them all. Compared to some other shops, some prices were twice smaller. I was like WHOA! I thought it must be a trick or something, since it's too good to be true. I spent a few bucks on a pack and got it a few days later. That was like 2 months ago. I placed three more orders since then, so this pharmacy convinced me!

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